Friday, December 17, 2010


Here my youngest daughter is wearing an apron with a print from "The State Collection."  Lori Matney Young is the talented artist.  How do I know her?  I went to school with her.  We sat in art class together, year after year, in high school.  Just a few years back, ha!  Her art work has been feature nationally in Southern living Magazine and Romantic Homes Magazine. 

Check out her Etsy shop: 

Here is an upclose of the print on the apron.

And I had to attend Sue's holiday sale at Moses Allen Collection, here in Connecticut.  She is a gifted artist.  I just love this one.  He's a cutey.  I bought him for someone, but decided I could not part with it.  You ever do that?
Those are my finds for the day, off to make more crafts, tags, and a few more Christmas cards for the family.  Happy Holidays to all.


Lora Oliver said...

Elaine, I LOVE the apron and what a lovely model you have. Great smile! The prim is wonderful, I think that is what you would call him. I have done the buy for someone, but become too attached to part on occasion.

luv46kdz said...

The apron is great! Gosh Baily Ann is gorgeous!

Oh look at him, I love that little critter, I can see why you didn't part.