Thursday, December 16, 2010

Still ticking...

New Year's resolution, nah...just my post on my blog again, and to a few boards.  I've been creating, but not posting.  For shame, I know.  But am correcting that matter, now that I am no longer homeschooling...

Here is just one teeny tiny portion of the studio, the entire 8 foot desk top is covered just like this, looks like an assembly line.  These are not the finished product.  As a true lefty, I work from right to left, so a lot of the supplies are on my left side, out of sight from the pictures.  These are some fun tags for family members, unique qualities for each of them.

 This is the naughty pile.  Naughty for me not to have them wrapped and ready for mail outs.  Oh well, it's always fun to get home made gifts after Christmas. 
May the blessings of Christmas be abundant to you.

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luv46kdz said...

Aaahhh, the place where the magic happens!

Oh, don't worry, everything gets done for Christmas ;)