Saturday, December 18, 2010


I need a new bumper stickers on my van.  I brake for tag sales, curb diving, gardens, churches, steeples, dilapidated buildings, scrapbook stores, etc... I'm sure my wonderful husband can name a few more things I've asked him to stop at.

This old building is so beautiful, cracked, crippled, peeling, such beautiful vintage colors to watch as the season's change in New England.     
 Doors! Old hardware, colors, adjustments, love them all.  I'd love to open that door and visit inside, but afraid the entire place would cave in.  But what colors, peeled paint, vintage styles I would find in there.  Inspiration for me.
 Steps leading up to who knows where. 

Steeples, rises, did I mention how awestruck they are.  Look at the colors, what an art palette!

I took 79 pictures around this worn down facility.  My youngest daughter sat in the car and actually counted and laughed while I was doing my thing.  She's the best, she know's her Mama well!

I hope you find inspiration in all you view.

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luv46kdz said...

These are great. I love old rundown places, I can sit and stare and try to see the life that was in them. There's actually a book dedicated to them by a photographer, but his name escapes me.