Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Winter recess is over, I'm the last one to catch that nasty cold! Finally healed! It's time to play again.  I'm posting a private swap layout. This weeks theme is for Paula.  Three favorite characters from books.  Now this was a hard thought process for me. I read and I have so many characters, but I went for what popped in my head. 

Above, is Alice Cullen from the Twilight series.  I think she needs her own story.  Below, Dr. Temperance Brennan (Bones) written by Kathy Reich.  And of course, Miss Elizabeth Bennett of Pride and Prejudice.  (Had to sneak a picture of Mr. Darcy in there!)
And the two page layout for Paula's journal.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

CJ Layouts for Scrapping Sisters Swap

Here's the first layout on the CJ from a group of scrapping sisters swap.  This is for Kathi's theme.  Four things you take on vacation.  Hats, maps, family and CAMERA.
I lived in the sun growing up, at the beach and outdoors, so now it's hat time and sunscreen.  Maps, we have enough maps to wall paper a mansion. And yes, we have a GPS.  Family. I need to remember family, and remind them to... well, if you travel with family, you understand what I mean.  Camera.  I promise you, it's the last thing out the door.  I fret over it and all the chargers to, cell phones, iPod adaptor, get it.  The camera.  Last week, I told my daughter, grab the camera.  "Ok," she says while I take the  dogs out.  We reach her horse show.  "Where's the camera, baby?"  "Oh, sorry."  That's why it's the last thing out the door, swinging on my shoulder.
This second page layout is truly how my brain thinks for a week ahead of the trip.  And poor Bill, he deals well with this "fret" issue.  (He likes to take pictures also.  I think we need to get another camera, but honestly, I would use them both!)
Now I am off to scrap the CJ layout due for next week.  Kathi, hope you get a laugh out of mine!  Stay warm in that Texas snow while I suffer a snowless Connecticut winter.
Happy Valentine's Day to all.
luggage tag

Friday, February 12, 2010


TAG TUESDAY AT LOUISE'S KARD KRAZY  is monograms.  I made a tag sympathy card for our dear friends back in Texas.  I used my **NEW** DCWV Mariposa paper, thanks to the enabler, Louise, who when not enabling me, is quite a hostess at Tag Tuesday!

Thanks for looking. 


To all the American history buffs and especially to my husband, Bill, may I say, "Happy Birthday, Lincoln."
And for my gift this year to Lincoln, I produced a layout of Bill in Washington DC, hanging out with Lincoln.  Acutally, you stand by Lincoln and see how tall he was.  And tall he was. 

And this wonderful collage of Lincoln was made by our oldest daughter, Blair.  In our family, it's quite easy to give a present to Bill/Daddy.  Just have something about Lincoln in it and you win! 

Thanks for visiting. 

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Sorry to some of my Scrapping Sisters that viewed this previously, but here is a layout of Ted, my father-in-law.  His birthday is February 14th.  We miss him dearly, but know he is at peace. Happy Birthday Ted! We love you.

Elaine and Bill
Blair and Blake
Bailey Ann

Monday, February 8, 2010


THINK MONDAY THINK ATC challenge is when you think of eternity what do you envision.  Here was my first thought.  "Eternity." Of course, after this thought, with all the Jane Austen movies on PBS, I pondered over to thump thump, love thoughts!
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May your life be crowed with unexpected joys--H. Jackson Brown,Jr


STEFF'S STUFF ATC theme is reading.  I love reading, love sitting in a rocking chair and reading, love not watching the clock and reading, I think you get the point.  Thus my ATC, "Sit and Read."
Hope you find time daily to read.  Thanks for looking.


LYNEEN, AT DREAMING OF CASTLES had a January Inspiration Give Away.  And I won!  Wow, Lyneen, what wonderful ephemera I received today.  This picture I took does not do justice. Thanks Lyneen!  I'm off to play with my newly won goodies
Have a wonderful day.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Our youngest daughter created a few cards last night.  I love how she stamped and colored the faces.  I'm glad she visits the studio alone, free to create what she wants. Thanks for sharing in another mother's moment of joy!


GOTHIC ARCH CHALLENGE theme is crackle.  I went to the library last Friday and saw the bookmarks for Jane Austen movies.  I grabbed, ahum, a few, and the movies are scheduled to record.  Here's Emma, a match making gal...who means well!

Here's a close up of some of the crackle.  I used it in several areas.  After the crackle, I went back over with ink to improve the crackle image.
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Remember, you are courageous.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


My husband and younger daughter returned from Texas, visiting family and our older daughter, while I stayed here taking care of business.  Now ya'll, I confess, I am a practical gal.  I love thrift stores, garage sales, junking.  Don't get me wrong, I love beautiful clothes, but learned that I destroy clothes because I don't change them to garden, do art, cook, play with the kids.  And jewelry, oh my!  I've destroyed so many beautiful pieces of jewelry because I didn't remove it.  For our tenth anniversary, my husband asked if I wanted a diamond anniversary band.  No, I wanted and received a tractor!  (He did sneak a diamond ring in at Christmas time a few years ago...tears oh tears.)  That boy knows what I like.  The girls picked out some beautiful rings at an antique store and this is what Bill bought for me.  Old books, new inherited relatives,  lace/linen, old family pictures, letters, articles.  I won the lottery! 

Look at these gals in the lower left hand corner.  They are from my mother in law's family.

Oh, some dear soul worked really hard, making this tiny yellow purse.  This is one of those "how could you part with that" question I often have in my head. 

Thanks for looking at my new goodies. 
Remember you are a treasure!
I'm blessed with a loving husband and two wonderful girls.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


KARD KRAZY TAG TUESDAY theme is a little red.  Here's my little red, plops and droplets of alcohol ink on top of alcohol ink.  And a beautiful bird soaring high believing... 

And my family is flying home right now and I believe it will be a wonderful evening, having everyone home!
Peace to all.


STEFF'S STUFF ATC CHALLENGE  theme is animals.  Here's mine.  Of course, I had to find an image of a lab, but I believe this lab is unusual, because it's behaving, not licking, not in trouble, but it is looking a bit off, like he/she is about to either get a bone bone or busted!  

Go visit Steff's Stuff, it's a fun ATC challenge and you have week to do it.  Thanks for visiting.

Remember you are worthy.
Have a blessed day.  And a prayer of thanks that my friend Lisa, in Oklahoma, finally has electricity again!! Check out her blog, to see what that snowstorm did.