Saturday, June 13, 2009


Still playing with backgrounds. Yes, even with all the paper I own, and I will confess, I have a serious paper addiction, I still like the background challenges. This was a hair style that I work on for around 30 minutes, for our little girl. It did turn out well, considering I am not in anyway a beautician.

I worked with zig zag stitching, stencils and glimmer mist of several colors, stamps and then crystal lacquer covered with liquid acrylic paint. And though you can't see it, I used different liquid acrylics to splatter on the lo. The chip boards were laid down after I played with some shadowing techniques. And some beautiful buttons from Courtney, who swapped them to me. Thanks Court. Love the colors.

Trying to do more challenges than swaps right now. Challenges push me towards new discoveries. {And leave my studio a mess}




Father's Day is approaching, and time for me to make those cards and some fun lo's for my hubby. Here is one with our oldest daughter, and daddy, a few years back. It's always important to me that the girls have time with dad, alone. The girls get date nights with daddy. Quality time is so important.



I've followed this web site for awhile, reading the catalyst and finally decide to join in on catalyst 65.

My journaling states Eleven days, not forty years. In some areas of my life, I want to stop running around lost in the wilderness , and just use my faith to go forth and achieve my goals, no more lost and found in the wilderness. Time for a new journey. The eleven days push forth.
Peace. TFL.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


A trip to Aunt Sue's in Ocean City, NJ was a hit years ago. My little surfer girl was trying so hard not to get wet, but daring to run in and out of the waves. Holding those shorts high, but sigh, at the end, they were wet. Now, when we go to the beach, just to walk, I bring an extra pair of clothes and towel, since I know we will end up in the water. Surfs always up in our world.
I created this background instead of using the tons of paper I had. Mixed media challenges me, and I love to find things to add to a picture.
Thanks for looking.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Old, New, A Layout Coming Soon...

Oh the joys of living in the New England area, where snow plows exist for reasons, and destroy for other reasons. Here is my old mail box, that Lisa has a perfect name for. And voila, our new mail box, untouched by the snow plow for now. Hopefully, I will not be showing you a picture of the new box with duct tape, bungee cords and cracked studs after the winter of 2010. I'll have a layout coming soon. Need to finish my swaps first.



Oh I am indeed a dog lover. But after my precious Sedona passed away, we went a few months and ended up adopting two labs from a rescue organization. They have been a loving headache.

This is Miley Elizabeth, she is nothing but a brat, who thinks she is a cat and rules the world. When she is sleeping, she is the cutest thing in the world. And the places I find her sleeping and her positioning makes me smile. She is so cute in the picture, asleep with her front arms tucked under. Ahhhh...too precious.

And then there is Kota Bear, the big black lab, who is not allowed on the sofa. But when I leave, he sneaks up there and when I walk back in to the room, he slides off in guilt. Obviously at this moment, he wasn't feeling much guilt.
I do love my dogs, regardless of all their lack of manners at times.


I joined a no stamp card swap and this is my card. Using the Big Shot background folder, then hues of the colors for flowers, ribbon and pearl alphabet letters, adhered on a back card of distress edges. Still working on design and dimensional. I do love the elegance of monochromatic schemes (leaves excluded) it is such a clean color scheme to play with.

Hope your day is full of love.
Monochromatic colors are all the tints and shades (called hues) of a single color. Using these hues, the result is subtle, peace, due to a lack of contrast. Using monochromatic colors can be boring, unless you use diversity with your design.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Another card for the monthly card swap. I'm trying a different approach, no distress, vintage, a clean simple style. Incorporating dimensional and items I have hidden deep in the drawer, drawing the focus on designs. Hope your dreams come true.

Have a blessed day. Dream, believe, create, live.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Change your background

Backgrounds are always fun, and even more entertaining when you make your own. Here I used glimmer mist, stamps, ink, Stickles, grunge board, crystal lacquer, partial piece of paper and then a matchbox that I made. And keeping to my purple passion. Grab some paper, and make your own background designs, it's refreshing in so many ways.



And even more...

Sea horse...

Lady at the beach...

I miss you...

Happy thoughts...
Thanks for looking.
Art history trivia: When Monet was older, he settled in Giverny, and painted his pond and water lillies. Amazingly, he was nearly blind and painted very close to his canvas. Water Lillies is an example of one of his finer paintings.

More tags and cards for the G45 swap

Hello, just like the card states. Hello to another viewing of cards and tags.
Have fun viewing them. I hope you enjoy them. Still a few more to download.


Card and Tag Swap

If I am going to swap, it's best to do one with the G45 swapsters...that way I see my favorite papers and how others use them.
Here are a few tags and cards. Still more to come. I enjoyed making these, so much fun to play with all the details on the papers.

This is one of the cards, I am having fun making different styles of flowers to utilize in the designs. Many who know me, will recognize that I actually used one of my velvet flowers...and am finally letting go of them. (Found out where I can buy more, truth be told.)

A baby card, that I tried very hard to sew on. I wanted to sew with my machine, but that machine went on a unplanned vacation. Oh well, gets the creativity juice flowing. I was going to call Lisa and ask her to sew some stitches on it, since she is sewing happily on her cards now. But it was her birthday (Happy Birthday again, Lisa) so I didn't bother her, but next time.
Off to download some more.
Thanks for looking.