Tuesday, October 27, 2009


To those who grew up in Texas, this foliage still take my breath away. I've snapped so many pictures, even my husband has that "enough don't you think" look. But I just can't get enough of these colors. And any camera, any canvas can not do God's colors justice.

Here is the maple in our yard, overnight, it turned burnt orange. Amazing!

I love to garden, but I haven't a clue what this tree is, but every fall, this tree turns vibrant red, I see these bushes everywhere, so I call them red bushes. It works for me. It's like a firework exploding.
We open our front door to this majestic view. And this is after they fell a lot of trees. We don't remove our leaves from the ground immediately. We just let them sit a few days, cuddled around the tree trunk. Such a sight. I have many many more, but they are marked for scrapping.

Wishing you a wonderful day of creating and believing in yourself.

All you need are friends...

You have friends and you have friends. Cracker and I have been pals for so long, elementary school and forward. We've traveled together, shared our dreams, sorrows, fears and tears. Life has blessed me with such a dear friend. I've mentioned in previous blogs, she passes on her vintage lace and quilts to me to use for my art projects. I feel like I won the lottery, with her friendship. Here's a layout using old vintage photo paper from the 1850's, vintage lace and some other odds and ends that she passed on to me. I am blessed by all the friends I have in my life.
Peace and blessings to you.


WOW! Time went by and I promised I would post. Now I am back and promising myself again. I have lots of fun things to post and am back in the studio. Here's on of our oldest daughter, and lots of G45 paper.

And who is this happy fellow? It's Queso, our turtle. We rescued him minutes from a moving tire. Tried several times to rehabilitate him, but it didn't work. He's fascinating to watch and what a personality he has. I didn't know I would bond with a reptile, but bond away I have. My family laughs when I talk to him.
Happy Times. A lot of scraps from G45 paper. I liked the way this card turned out.

A simple but sweet baby card, again, using some G45 scraps.
Off to upload some more photos for your viewing pleasure:)