Sunday, November 29, 2009


With this lay out, I used DCWV paper, crunched both pieces of paper into a ball, ripped the edges and then inked them. Glued them together, and adhered the vellum typed paper. Distressed and inked the edges of the photo and background photo paper, added trim, and glued it down. This paper is so beautiful with black velvet designs. I have such a hard time using this paper, due to it's beauty, but when I do, I realize that I can make a layout, without using a lot of embellishments. The paper does all the work.

We all have our own style, but it's nice to find simplicity in your paper.
I pray that you and your loved ones has a very blessed Thanksgiving.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009


When I send my art work off for submissions, it's scary, exciting, but most of all, it's wonderful to see it arrive home, especially after it has been published.

Here is my first baby, back home from The Stamper's Sampler. I loved making this card (see Hopeless Romantic post) and you might get an insight to my mind. My friend Lisa bought the chandelier stamp also, and some of the papers. Dare I say, she's got the disease also.

Both my MOO card submissions returned home last week. This one I love. What hopeless romantic wouldn't love the beach. Ok, my dear friend, Cracker, (Laurie) would prefer the mountain views, and that fits her perfectly.

And here is the final return, also published in The Stamper's Sampler. Great magazine by the way. If you buy a copy, I promise you will not put it down for hours! This card, Dream For You, is again, another romantic theme but I added some "green" in it. That flower is the bottom of a plastic water bottle, that I cut lines downward, and then melted them, added some inks and nail polish and adhered a button on it. Voila, scrapping and recycling go hand in hand.

So these babies are home. I have several more submissions out there, and it's just a waiting game. But the good thing about waiting, I keep myself busy with creating more and more and more...I love the arts!
Peace to all,


Ask anyone I know, especially my husband, and two girls, they will tell you, I am a hopeless romantic. I watch Pride and Prejudice once a month, and every romantic comedy, I own! I found several pictures of my husband's parents, when they were dating, holding hands, I just cried. Yes, true tears. Hand holding, a simple gesture, but such a meaningful connection.

I used some more wonderful G45 paper, and had some fun making up flowers from an assortment of goodies I have in the studio.

Here's to all the romantics out there.


Falling in love, during WWII. My husband's parents did just that. I've found so many wonderful photographs of their past. Many more lo's to make, but I am thankful that I have the opportunity to make them, to share with the family. I used G45 paper and odds and ends that I have collected. I found this old napkin at a tag sale and finally a chance to use it, as the weathered material in the background. I have a shelf full and love to just pull on some material and watch it all fall tumbling down. (Another job, can you say $$ for the daughter!)

Thanks for looking. Have a wonderful day.


Monday, November 23, 2009


Oh my! I cleaned out my studio, ok, my daughter did a majority of it and got paid to reorganize my containers. I found at some point in this addiction, that I bought every color of photo corners. What to do, what to do with these 100's of photo corners. Here's one idea. I put them together, ink distressed, lifted the edges up and voila. I now have only 487 more photo corners to use. But it keeps me thinking, what can I use this item for, besides it original intent. (Ok, to rid myself of guilt, of I bought this, what was I thinking? and now I have to use it.)

Hope you find use for all those last minute "I gotta have this" buys!

Keep thanking the good Lord for all your blessings.

Monday, November 9, 2009


A few wonderful cards I received from a swap. The yellow is from my friend, Lisa, and it has the cutest bees buzzing around. The other is from Melissa and the bear is just so darn huggable. Thanks ladies, they are hanging on my studio wall.

And on to homeschooling and the anatomy of the heart. I asked my 12 y.o. to draw the heart and diagram it. This is what she handed in. I thought it was so cute. So what if it's not labeled. (She did it later on another piece of paper.) Just love it when kids do their own thing, straight from the heart! I know, a corny joke, but I couldn't resist.

John 3:30 says, "He must become greater, I must become less."