Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas 2010

Our daughter set up the Christmas tree this year.  What a wonderful surprise for us!  And, it is so beautiful.  What blessings we have, our children.

Christ is Christmas

Saturday, December 18, 2010


I need a new bumper stickers on my van.  I brake for tag sales, curb diving, gardens, churches, steeples, dilapidated buildings, scrapbook stores, etc... I'm sure my wonderful husband can name a few more things I've asked him to stop at.

This old building is so beautiful, cracked, crippled, peeling, such beautiful vintage colors to watch as the season's change in New England.     
 Doors! Old hardware, colors, adjustments, love them all.  I'd love to open that door and visit inside, but afraid the entire place would cave in.  But what colors, peeled paint, vintage styles I would find in there.  Inspiration for me.
 Steps leading up to who knows where. 

Steeples, rises, did I mention how awestruck they are.  Look at the colors, what an art palette!

I took 79 pictures around this worn down facility.  My youngest daughter sat in the car and actually counted and laughed while I was doing my thing.  She's the best, she know's her Mama well!

I hope you find inspiration in all you view.

Friday, December 17, 2010


Here my youngest daughter is wearing an apron with a print from "The State Collection."  Lori Matney Young is the talented artist.  How do I know her?  I went to school with her.  We sat in art class together, year after year, in high school.  Just a few years back, ha!  Her art work has been feature nationally in Southern living Magazine and Romantic Homes Magazine. 

Check out her Etsy shop: 

Here is an upclose of the print on the apron.

And I had to attend Sue's holiday sale at Moses Allen Collection, here in Connecticut.  She is a gifted artist.  I just love this one.  He's a cutey.  I bought him for someone, but decided I could not part with it.  You ever do that?
Those are my finds for the day, off to make more crafts, tags, and a few more Christmas cards for the family.  Happy Holidays to all.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Still ticking...

New Year's resolution, nah...just my post on my blog again, and to a few boards.  I've been creating, but not posting.  For shame, I know.  But am correcting that matter, now that I am no longer homeschooling...

Here is just one teeny tiny portion of the studio, the entire 8 foot desk top is covered just like this, looks like an assembly line.  These are not the finished product.  As a true lefty, I work from right to left, so a lot of the supplies are on my left side, out of sight from the pictures.  These are some fun tags for family members, unique qualities for each of them.

 This is the naughty pile.  Naughty for me not to have them wrapped and ready for mail outs.  Oh well, it's always fun to get home made gifts after Christmas. 
May the blessings of Christmas be abundant to you.

Until Spring

This is the last of the Western and English riding outdoors until Spring.  It will be missed, but we will be back!

 Happy Trails,