Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Time does indeed fly. I took a long sabbatical during my husbands surgery and post op recovery and treatment with prostate cancer. We are so blessed with the first follow up PSA which read undetectable. What a blessing. There will be continuous PSA from now on, but with faith, we will live each day to it's fullest. And talk about fullest, it appears days are more than full! The extended family went back to Texas and August in CT was hot, some days, hotter than Texas. We spent time together as a family, nurturing each other. And now it's back to work for Bill and some serious homeschooling for our youngest daughter. A lot of new lessons and more details into those core classes and the electives. Actually I am teaching an Art History course and learning the new PowerPoint on Vista. Our older daughter is loving her job as a second grade teacher. We are so proud of her!

Was blessed to receive an additional copy of the Stampers' Sampler and found out that I was published. In the past , I was notified with emails, but this time was a shock, I ran upstairs jumping and I mean serious jumping, I couldn't even read it, just saw my art work and turned into a hopping maniac. Once I showed my husband and younger daughter, and stopped the hopping, I was able to read what it was all about! Talk about an adrenalin boost. I was so very thankful for that publishing, it was my favorite card and was so hard to part with. I love the stamps from Impress, the romantic!

My goal, now that life is back to a normal (what we would call normal) routine, is to hit the studios in the evening, since it's been all cleaned and reorganized. A job that the younger daughter did. Yes, for some good money. I didn't know how many flowers I really had. Flower denial I call it! Embellishment denial also. Paper denial, anything from the lss denial, that should cover it all.

May your lives be full of peace and blessings.

"Cast your cares on Him because He cares for you"
1Peter 5:7