Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Ask anyone I know, especially my husband, and two girls, they will tell you, I am a hopeless romantic. I watch Pride and Prejudice once a month, and every romantic comedy, I own! I found several pictures of my husband's parents, when they were dating, holding hands, I just cried. Yes, true tears. Hand holding, a simple gesture, but such a meaningful connection.

I used some more wonderful G45 paper, and had some fun making up flowers from an assortment of goodies I have in the studio.

Here's to all the romantics out there.


Lora Oliver said...

What a fabulous LO! There is no such thing as a hopeless romantic. Anyone who believes in romance is full of hope, not hope less.

Lisa said...

Love the colors you've used. What great photos! Need details on the flowers please!! This one put a smile on my face.

courtney said...

Oh, this is beautiful! I love how they're holding hands in these shots. Young romance, true love, it's all so timeless!