Monday, March 22, 2010


It's Serene's turn in this private cj swap.  Her theme is four unusual things you have done.  I don't know if mine are ususual but they sure were fun and still are fun!  Traveling, scuba diving, hitting new beaches, and raising our baby girl.  That's the most unusal but most natural thing I have ever done.  Having a baby!

Serene, I tried to use blue, but it just didn't work!


courtney said...

Love the layout! The colours (or lack thereof) are great and the pointing fingers are a nice touch.

Melissa said...

Love it, Elaine! Love how you altered the pictures. You've been to a lot of places!

luv46kdz said...

It came beautiful E. As always I look at your work and say I've learned something. thank you

Serene said...

Wow! Totally great! The hands are fab, too. These los have a different feel than your usual work. Was that on purpose? Hee Hee!