Thursday, January 14, 2010


In celebration of my father's birthday, I uploaded some vintage birthday postcards postmarked from 1901-1904. Mail cards were popular during the Golden Age and cost one cent to post. The United States Postal Service issued the first postcard on May 13, 1897. This Golden Age boom of the postcard lasted until about 1920 when the telephone took off. I love reading the backs of postcards. One I read, the lady told her brother he could bring his cow to her house next time he visited. Love reading the real lifestyle of the era!

I thank the good Lord for blessing me with such a wonderful father, who has always been there for me. I love you Dad. Happy Birthday.
click the card to get a larger image


luv46kdz said...

These really are so pretty. I could just look at em forever. Thanks for sharing :)

*jean* said...

o elaine, these are beautiful!! thank you!

courtney said... I don't feel so strange for occassionally asking to bring my dogs with me.

Happy Birthday Papa Divita!

Lisa said...

These are really pretty. I know you are enjoying them!
Hmmmm... I'm pretty country, but don't think I'd ever tell my brother he could bring his cows to my house! I'm thinking the sister wanted some milk?