Friday, December 18, 2009


For several months, I searched high and low for my scan disk, that held over 5000 photo's. My husband thinks I should take one or two pictures of my art work, then upload it. I take about 20-30 of each, don't ask why, just accept me the way I am. Anyway, back to the scan disk, I found it behind my printer, which is left of my laptop. My children are home, safe and sound, all 5000+, whew, close call. And now I can work on my project, because I have nothing better to do during the holiday season, the cards are not done, the baking, no, a few more packages need to be mailed out. Alas, my goal was to upload my art work, that I did over the year, that I have not put in. It's my personal diary, for me to see on the blog, and if you care to join in, please make yourself at home. You can even start my Christmas cards, baking...

Lincoln. I had so much fun making him. If you look closely in the upper right hand corner, under the white flowers, there is a locket opened, and Mary Todd Lincoln's photo is in it. And all the charms flowing down the ribbons have various photos of Lincoln.

There is bound to be an avalanche of snow in CT this weekend, or so they say. I will make sure the laptop battery is charged and ready to upload a massive amount of photos. Also, I'm entering my work, since my mom, back in Texas, finally sat down at my baby sisters computer and looked at my blog. Thanks Mom! And now, she can sit down again, and see more work. This is the hard part about living so far away from Texas and loving a mom who does NOT want a computer. Not sharing my artwork, days walking, beach combing, laughing with her, watching her watch her grandchildren grow. Ah, the list is endless. I miss you Mom. I love you Mom. Thanks for looking at my blog<3>

Keep your toes warm, wear two pairs of socks. Ok, so it works for me.
Holiday Blessings to all.


Lora Oliver said...

I love Lincoln. That is such a fabulous piece. Hope that you get enough snow to enjoy the blanket of white, but not so much that you aren't comfortable.

luv46kdz said...

This was a fave of mine! You are always inspiring.

Mom said they got blasted so I'll assume you have it too! Gas up the snowblower Mama ;)

Love ya

courtney said...

This is such a great piece, so many wonderful details! Can't wait to see more and I know all your work is gonna make your mama proud!