Thursday, December 17, 2009


What can I say that you have not already read. I am a big fan of Graphic 45.

As Mr. Darcy told Miss Elizabeth at the end of the Pride and Prejudice movie, "I love, love, love you." Well I love, love, love Graphic 45 paper. They are teasing on their blog right now, with little hints about the upcoming new release...(this is when I really use my coupons and put that money saved into my G45 fund) and I wrote a post.

Random, yes, but I post on many blogs but never a "random" winner. Today I won. What a great way to warm up my toes in this freezing weather, with toe snapping happy dance. I believe I won some paper. Not just any paper, but Graphic 45 paper. What a wonderful holiday present, to me.

If you haven't been following Graphic 45, make sure you check out their web site and then also go to their community board. Great place to see wonderful creativity.

Wow! Thanks for sharing my excitement.


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luv46kdz said...

Hurray! I love their paper, I bought some of their Christmas line. When you get it take pics to share. Congrats!