Tuesday, October 27, 2009


To those who grew up in Texas, this foliage still take my breath away. I've snapped so many pictures, even my husband has that "enough don't you think" look. But I just can't get enough of these colors. And any camera, any canvas can not do God's colors justice.

Here is the maple in our yard, overnight, it turned burnt orange. Amazing!

I love to garden, but I haven't a clue what this tree is, but every fall, this tree turns vibrant red, I see these bushes everywhere, so I call them red bushes. It works for me. It's like a firework exploding.
We open our front door to this majestic view. And this is after they fell a lot of trees. We don't remove our leaves from the ground immediately. We just let them sit a few days, cuddled around the tree trunk. Such a sight. I have many many more, but they are marked for scrapping.

Wishing you a wonderful day of creating and believing in yourself.


Lisa said...

Oh my gosh... the colors and beauty of it all. One day I will see it in person...until then, thank you so much for posting the pictures.

Melissa said...

Wow, Elaine, how beautiful! I know what you mean.. I have some woods outside the windows of my new apartment, and it has just been amazing to watch the colors change.

luv46kdz said...

That is one thing I miss about back east. Going upstate N.Y. the mountains looked like a carpet of colors. Truly beautiful.

courtney said...

Beautiful! I always mean to take pics of the changing colours, but the leaves are down before I get to it. The leaves here have been slow to change and have fallen quickly once they do this year. I love the fall colours, thanks for posting Elaine.