Monday, April 20, 2009


The other half of my name, Knies (pronounced like niece) is from marrying a wonderful man. Bill is not only a trained artist, but a natural one. He received his BFA with a specialization in painting. I call it the starving artist degree. Then back to graduate school two times, for degrees that pay the bills. In his spare time, he paints again {yea} and this time with acrylics. He loves oil, but it is a stink bomb in the little cottage we live in. Here are a few samples. This one is of our girls 6 years ago, walking on the Atlantic shore.

The clay sculpture of the hand. I received this for my Christmas present one year. {Neat, eh!}
This is The Reverend Alfred "Ted" Knies, Jr. Bill's father. He was called home a few years ago. A wonderful man, father, grandfather, and Episcopalian Minister. And of course, another sculpture of Lincoln, to add to our shrine.

There are many more, that I will share with you later. It's a blessing to be married to such a great guy. Off to walk the dogs. Thanks for visiting.
Art history trivia: In the late 1940's, acrylic paint was used as house paint. The drying time of acrylics is short. Oil paints take longer to dry. Artist who preferred a shorter drying time turned to acrylic painting.


Lisainok said...

Love seeing these, the pictures don't do them justice. Thanks for sharing them! He's a talented guy!

courtney said...

Amazing stuff! What a talented, creative pair you are. Would love to see more!