Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I am a hopeless romantic, hopelessly in love with anything old, distressed, weathered, stained... My husband is well trained in turning around for tag sales and curb diving items that I love to alter. Lucky me.

This is a card I made for my friend, Carrie. It's her birthday today!{Happy birthday again, Carrie.}

And it's that time of year to commence the making of Mother's Day cards and a massive amount of May birthday cards. Here's the first one for my mom. And more to come. I am considering making tags this year for Mother's Day cards. Something different is always fun to receive.

Mother's Day and motherisms: Celebrating Mother's Day dates back to ancient Egyptians who held annual festivals to honor the goddess Isis (Mother of pharaohs.) Some motherisms you should know and probably use now:
If everyone jumps off a cliff would you do it?
Brush your teeth and wear clean underwear.
Do I look like an ATM?
M is for Mom, not for maid.
And yes, I will love you forever no matter what you do.

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