Sunday, April 12, 2009


Here is a distressed card I made for my neighbor's birthday. Earlier, I mentioned how I distress with my Dremel tool now, and I will get back with the photos of how I use it later. For now, I wanted to post this and mention that for all the mistakes you make, you don't have to trash your work, you just work around it. Note the eyelets and ribbon, put on due to a rip {over excited Dremel user} It shows that you don't have to quit and give up ok. Just you use your imagination.
TFL {Thanks for looking}
Art history trivia: In 1912, artists experimented with collage. One was Picasso. But we might recognize our current style of collage as scrapping.


Anonymous said...

I love the colors.

Debsg said...

Love this project. I like the quote.

courtney said...

Good miss with the dremel!

Jackie said...

Beautiful card and I love the dp you used...tfs!!

Cheryl Walker said...

Great job on the distressing!!! love the colors on this too :)

Kim Nath said...

Got it! Just reiterating what a cool blog you have. Love your header!