Monday, April 13, 2009


It's Spring Break, and Monday. After Donna introduced some more wonderful techniques, designs and ideas, here are my cards. My lss, Inspiration Station is a warm loving place. They even told me the new Graphic 45 paper is in. Got to love a store that knows your wants and needs! My 11 y.o. daughter went and had fun, but I believe the Easter chocolate detox hit about one hour after we started making cards. She is feeling better now. No chocolate today, even she doesn't want any(:

I thought I would work in the studio today, but it was so pretty outside,that we worked in the yard. If the weather holds out, this week will be studio and yard work, but I don't know which order!


Art history trivia: Pigments are colored powders used to make paint. During the Renaissance, pigments were not all cheap. Michelangelo used blue that was made from a rare gem, lapis lazuli, that was more expensive than gold. Michelangelo used that blue for the sky in his Last Judgement painting.


Anonymous said...

Just beautiful Elaine


Gina said...

Your cards are all so pretty, I especially love the first one.

Thanks for visiting my blog!

courtney said...

Love these cards! So beautiful and professional, like Hallmark with soul and personality.