Friday, February 11, 2011


What exactly does "it feels like -2 degrees" mean?  Really cold, colder than cold.  The Connecticut River defines it for me.  It's a rustic river flowing right now.  My husband took several pictures and I did a simple layout, using Kraft paper for the 12 x 12. 
Stay warm.


Lora Oliver said...

Negative two feels like the air is going to freeze in your lungs on inhale. WHEW! That is beyond cold. The LO is simply lovely. I really like the blue and black with the kraft.

Lisa said...

What does it mean? It means it's to friggin cold to go outside! It means be thankful you get to potty inside. It means you need to head south! That's what it means!!

I just love the pretty and elegant!

courtney said...

Wow, great pics. Love the grey concrete, the snow and ice and bare twigs.....very lonely and barren. Works great with your simple layout.
No polar bears sighted? Well, I guess there is some relief to arctic temps in a non-arctic location!