Monday, February 14, 2011


Happy Valentine's Day!

Here's a fun tag. Pulled out the water colors and enjoyed a bit of painting on the stamp.  I love this skein of ribbon I bought at the knitting store.  My friend, Hannah works there and pointed it out to me.  PURPLE = Purchase in my life.  I only wish I could knit better, but until then, I am finding ample ways to enjoy this vast wealth of colors.

Below is the flower at the top of the tag.  So wild and free.  And purple!  One white rosette bud (not colored) from the Tim Holtz ribbon.

One more for the challenge.  My favorite type of mixed media, dirtied hands art!  Nah, that's just what I call it. Another fun stamp by Sandra Evertson, what a talented artist!  She created the stamp above also.

Remember you are loved today and everyday.


courtney said...

I love your work. These are so free-spirited. Did you make the rosette from the ribbon? Love it; beautiful, regal, purple. Stunning!

Melissa said...

Very pretty, Elaine!

luv46kdz said...

Gosh I just love your stuff!!