Wednesday, January 26, 2011


It's almost time, according to the weather folks, for up to 10 inches of snow to commence. These pictures were taken four days ago, after the last blast of snow.  This is a close up of a 6 foot icicle!  Mighty big and you hear them kaboom every so often, when the sun warms up in the big state of Connecticut. 

This is one of Connecticut's tobacco barns, down the road, all covered in snow.  They are the prettiest barns I've seen, distressed, rusty, all the down and dirty goodness that I love so in nature and art.

My snow garden, full of plants longing to bloom this May.  My chair, wonder if I'll see the top of it after this storm.  It was actually that dark and dreary outside, when I took this almost white out conditions, picture.

Keep the faith, keep warm


Melissa said...

What beautiful photos. A 6-foot icicle? Yikes! Hope you stay away from that. :) Stay warm!

Serene said...

I love that shot of the tree and chair. I feel your pain. We got another 16 inches last night. We may never seen grass again!