Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I love steam punk designs, but also still like to throw a bit of fun into the mixture.  Here is another hat, with a bit of flair.  I don't think you will see it worn at the Kentucky Derby, but maybe Johnny Depp will wear it in his next movie!

Here's the top, there is a bird on the hat...
And a french Merci MOO card tag.
Have a beautiful day.  Thanks for visiting.


Kathi said...

Steam punk! You go, Elaine! I do believe Johnny would be honored to wear this hat.

Serene said...

Nice hat. I didn't see the bird at first. It took a little while but then I saw the bird.

Cute tag, too. I like the colors and how they all work so well together.

Melissa said...

Beautiful work. The hat does look like something that he would wear!

luv46kdz said...

Love it, you are on a creative roll keep it up my friend. Steam punk, I like the word!

courtney said...

Merci for the beautiful work! Love the colours and whatever steam punk is, I think I like it too!
Simply fabulous, dah-ling!