Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Several people e-mailed me regarding a technique on an ATC.  It's an embossing technique. {Mine is actually distressed embossing.}  You need  an emboss pad, {sold by ink stamp pads} cardstock, stamp/s, distress powder, ink applique.

Touch stamp to emboss pad and stamp to cardstock, repeat process over cardstock {to cover the entire background}

Apply distress powder, I used several colors. Shake it around, then off the cardstock to the paper.  Afterwards, pour the mixture of powder from paper into a container for potpourri powder that you can use later.

Looks like this. Don't touch it!

Use your heat tool and dry it, keep the tool about 6 inches away.  You will see the color and texture change.  Let it cool to touch.  Then gently rub off  release crystals, the ones that come off, and there will be a distressed look.  {I used distress powder for this project.}

I wanted a background color, so I took an applique, inked it in distress ink, and applied gently to areas.  On this project, I applied several ink colors. 

You did it!  And off you go to create with your handmade background.

I hope this explains the process you e-mailed me about. There are many styles, with different powders/crystals. You can even use black paper and emboss with white powder for a fun look.  Be a kid, play around with your supplies and create.

Thanks for looking.
Remember you are talented.


Melissa said...

Gorgeous, Elaine. Thanks for posting a tutorial!

luv46kdz said...

E,I love this. I have yet to spread my wings with embossing and heat tools. Thanks for showing.

Serene said...

Great lesson, Elaine, and so, so pretty! Thanks.

Susan said...

Thanks for sharing Elaine! I was one of those curious ones! You make it look so easy!

Lynn Stevens said...

Your such an enabler, now I NEED distress embossing powder! LOL great tutorial!

Anonymous said...

that's so cool! i've done very little embossing, and I never realized you could do that much with it! thanks so much for sharing!
-Hannah Ege