Sunday, January 24, 2010


There's a great group of gals I met online at the Memory Maker Magazine Board.  The magazine shut down, but on and off a group has remained in contact.  We now scrap and blog!  And even better, working on another Scrapping Sister Circle Journal.  Lisa is hosting this one.  (See all the Scrapping Sisters on the side bar.)  We pick themes and mine is four things you would hang on your house sign.   Well these gals were questioning what that meant.   Defined for you sisters;  write/scrap four that's 4 things you would want people to know when they enter your home. Here's mine, if that helps?  Oh and, my layout to match this is coming...the wonderful expensive printer is printing interesting color hues on the photos. 

Scrap Shack
Full of
God's love
& clean toilets

(didn't need to go into details about the two labs since most of the scrapping sisters know of my lovable crazy adorable misbehaving neurotic jumping licking cardboard tearing big eyed chocolate and black labs!)

and clean toilets...that's my motto, I will always have clean toilets in my house...

food...Italian (me) and whatever really is my husband's genetic makeup, we'll feed you right, and if you don't like it, head over to Paula's blog...she'll top it off with her cooking

and the good Lord blesses us through it all

Rules...ok, little daughter read this and said "Rules, about brothers?"  Then clicked.  So if you read it like that, try again.  Never ever give up on me and my way of, um...speech!  Texan bred born and raised!
Real rules.  Create, enjoy and complete it on time!

And finally, make a tag, like a hotel do not disturb sign.  Put your picture in the circle. Mine is not in there, see above regarding printer wants to strike out on it's own as a graphic artist.  Oh brother!

Ladies, if you have any questions, you know how to reach me.  I'll get that layout up as soon as my give my printer an attitude adjustment.

Lisa, thanks for hosting.  Welcome aboard Emma and Jess!  Glad to have you scrap around with us.  Don't steal  borrow all of Lisa's supplies.  Take them a few at a time!

Ladies, you are all treasures.  I look forward to viewing your layouts on your blogs.

p.s. sorry sisters, just noticed my pictures are a bit dark...


courtney said...

I think I understand this now. Kind of like a warning or info tidbit of what visitors will find inside? Ok, so just in my case it would be a warning....
Looking forward to this one, already got some ideas brewing!
BTW, love what you've got so far. And to think you were stressed about getting this done!

Kathi said...

I love this theme! You're such a creative soul, through and through. You may even have inspired me to actually make a welcome sign for our front door.

luv46kdz said...

Oh E, I just love love love it!!! What a great mind you have ;) Now I know what to do, lol! and yes, come over and I'll make you a meatball, yummy.

Susan said...

Very pretty, Elaine. Love that big black bird!

Serene said...

Wonderfully creative and colorful. I love it and now I understand what I'm supposed to do so thanks for 'splaining.
Oh, btw, here you go..

Serene said...

Just a quick post to let you know that while you deserve a second award for your stellar work but since Melissa already gifted you with one, I've sent yours from me on to Jessica so we can get to know 10 things about her.

Lisa said...

Always the creative mind! Good topic... maybe our next mission should be to create signs for our front doors!

Melissa said...

Lovely Elaine, just lovely. Love your theme, great idea.