Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Here are some stamping tags and cards. Some have the MOO card within the picture. Below, merci is the MOO card. This was a wonderful stamp to use. You can have lots of fun with it.

Of course, it would not be complete without some pretty ribbon!

Another MOO card attached to my purple friend card. This was a favorite of my sisters.

Of course, I went against the purple craving, and made an under the sea card.

And then back to the purple crave card. I love this stamp and have used it often.

And some French accents on this card. The same stamp used on the first MOO card.
Have a great day.


Lisa said...

I love them all! You know I'm not a big blue fan but that under the sea card is just to cute!
Ok, I must must must find the merci stamp set! It's now on my list of todo things for today!
They are all so pretty... you did a great job mixing and blending the colors.

Gene said...

You are very talented and quite prolific. I enjoy your creativity with pictures and cards. Wish I had all the cards from earrly years when I sent cards so you could play with them. Love from your first fan. Dad

Becky said...

beautiful cards, and love the tag.

luv46kdz said...

Just gorgeous Elaine! Always learning from you. So sweet, your Dad, treasure treasure treasure!!!!

courtney said...

Love the cards.....that under the sea card sits proudly on my studio shelf with all my other treasured gifts from my scrappy friends.