Monday, December 21, 2009


I am all for children entering my studio, creating their masterpieces. But one day, a naughty fairy came in, wiped out my shelf of organized photos, ready to scrap by date, in order, as in the Dewy Decimal System of photos. Now it looks like a pile of junk waiting to tumble. Thus the entry before. I tell myself, no sniveling! It's just, just, breathe, photos that I, breathe, organized ready to pull out to scrap, deep sigh. The good news, those naughty fairies found boxes and storage, very creative storage (shoe box and turkey pan) to place all those photos. That was very nice, sigh, that the naughty fairy has a nice side to her!

Next New England snow stopper will find me organizing them again. Until then, they appear to be balanced!

Elaine, the non sniveling gal


luv46kdz said...

You have naughty fairies that go through your pics too? Hhhmmm they are so mischevious!

Lisa said...

Bad...Bad....Bad naughty fairies! But at least your naughty fairy didn't get into your prized stash of paper and as she is looking you in the eye saying what's the problem just rip rip rips it!
Bad.....Bad.....Bad Naughty Fairies!
They are lucky that they are so very cute!

courtney said...

I have naughty fairies that raid my studio too. They always promise they'll clean up and not disturb my works-in-progress.....but they have very short memories it seems. Sigh.....