Sunday, April 19, 2009


After 6 years in CT, I finally know the signs of Springs. {Coming from Texas, Spring is a blink into Summer}

Buds on my trees. And a clear blue sky. And not a coat on anyone!

Chives, not even shy, popping out! Ground covering of flowers that bloom overnight and last 3 weeks.
Handstands on grass, not snow.

Of course, checking out the damage the snow plow did to our annual mail box. Time to install a new one. When we first moved here, I was shocked to see my destroyed mailbox. Now, I think I am immune...I think... And the sweetest sign of Spring. Our younger daughter picking flowers, tying a pastel ribbon around them and dangling the bouquet on the glass door.

Spring time blessings to you.

A little trivia: The word Spring is dated before the 12th century, several means, but I like "to come into being."


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, you have a beautiful yard and daughter!

Lisa said...

That mailbox is so REDNECK!
It makes me laugh all each time I see it!