Saturday, April 11, 2009


Hi! I finished my G45 sketch challenge of my dog Sedona. We had her for 12.5 years and I still miss that sweet girl. My friend, Carrie, adopted a dog named Daisy,who's looks remind me of Sedona.
For this mixed media, I sewed the paper like a hem, used flowers, embellishments, old snap-ons from Laurie's grandmothers goodie box {thanks again Cracker} and odd assortments of flowers,chipboard, transparency pieces and of course ribbon and a major distress storm.
I change my distress technique and I need to do a demo for you next time. I use my Dremel, saves time and wear and tear on my hands, plus it is fun. I can't believe I didn't think of it until a few weeks ago, after using it to do some little drilling. Yes, little, otherwise, I "borrow" my husband's power tools.
Have a blessed Easter.
p.s. we now have a black lab, a chocolate lab, and one turtle
Art history trivia: Mark Twain marketed his patented scrapbook in 1872. They were described as self pasting. Can you believe this writer and scrapbooker made $50,000 off these scrapbooks.


Anonymous said...

That is just beautiful, you are very talented

Cheryl Walker said...

Awww, I love this!!! Great job :)