Thursday, April 30, 2009


Good day to all. Curb diving? Dumpster diving? Have you tried it? Here was my find yesterday, while walking the dogs. Tile samples and some beautiful expensive samples at that. I told my husband I wanted to do a fun mosaic in our little bathroom. He vetoed that. But long ago, he taught me to use the wet saw! Then I thought, maybe I will add this to the mosaic I am planning that runs up a tiny stairwell wall, of Lincoln photo's and then this tile. Some of this, I will incorporate into my mixed media work. And then a few pieces in the garden. To me, I hit the jackpot. To others it's just trash. It's all a matter of what you see. If you look closer, it's not all ceramic, use your geological brain cells and see what you can find!

Wishing you a blessed day.
Inspirational quote: "My painting is finished when I rejoin the first emotion that sparked it." --Matisse

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